Learning Python

Table of Contents

We'll all need to learn some basic Python programming in order to survive this course. Here are some tips.

Install Python


Mac OS X


  • Use your package manager to install Python.

Read a tutorial (or two)

  1. Start with this: 4 Minute Python Crash Course — it just gives some example code so you know what Python looks like
  2. Next, read Instant Python. This is a longer read, but do read it carefully. Try some examples yourself. You can stop when you reach the section "A Jedi Mind Trick."
  3. If you want more tutorials, visit the official Learning Python page from the creators of the language.

If you get stuck on the installation (i.e., you can't get Python to work on your machine), you can go to the website learnpython.org and try some Python programming in your browser.

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